8 ways to capture fun moments from you vacations


Vacations, whether shared with family or friends, are among the most treasurable memories we can create. A family cruise, a fun weekend at the beach with friends or even exploring a new country by yourself are experiences that you want to be able to relive forever to remember every detail.


Here, you will find eight common or creative ways to capture all the fun moments that you are having while you are on vacation:


  1. Traditional photo albums

This method is for those who want to stick with the traditional ways.

Taking a group photo, a selfie or even a photo of just the hotel, the beach, relevant touristic destinations or new people you meet during your vacations is a great way to store them forever.


Since nowadays, digital cameras are not as expensive as they used to be and pretty much all cellphones have a high quality camera included, this is probably the easiest method available for you to capture the memories from your vacations and keep them forever in an album.


  1. Personalized map

Especially if you are visiting several cities or countries during your vacation and you want your memories to be creatively arranged, you can always make a personalized map of your trip.

You just have to get a map of the region, country or continent that you are travelling through while you are on vacations and start putting a little pin to mark every place that you visit. Personalized memory maps can be as simple or as complicated as you want. For example, you could make a simple version just pinning a small photo of yourself over every city you visit or you could intertwine multiple pins with different colors of string to make a more detailed chronicle of your vacation.


  1. Collect souvenirs

A great way to remember every city or country you visit during your vacation is to acquire souvenirs and then collect them back home.

You could create a thematic collection of key chains, for example, or you could just buy any souvenir that includes something iconic from the region you are visiting or that reminds you of a particular experience you went through. This way, when your vacations are over, you will have something like a photo album but with symbolic and tridimensional pieces that represent what you lived instead of regular photos.


  1. Memory jar

Especially if you want to be able to gift a beloved one something that represents all the memories you gathered during your vacation, but you don’t want something as impersonal as a regular store-bought souvenir, a great idea for you is to make a memory jar.

Memory jars are very personal because they are mason jars filled with anything that means something to you during your vacation. It could contain small souvenirs, seashells or sand, letters or postcards, bus tickets or anything you feel best describes your vacation, then decorate the jar and give it to someone you wanted to share your vacation with but couldn’t for any reason.


  1. Vacation journal

This way of capturing vacation memories forever has a bit of romanticism and vintage feeling to it.

It is particularly good if your vacations are somewhat long, but it can work in any case. You just have to, literally, keep a journal of the things you do and see, what your feelings are and everything related to your vacations that you want to remember.


If you go on vacations frequently, you can take the same journal and think of every individual vacations as a new chapter. After you finally fill your journal, it is amazing how vividly you can remember things from past vacations just by reading it.


  1. A video from your point of view

If you think that photos are not enough for capturing a particular moment during your vacations, you should consider taking a video from your point of view.

Contrasting with regular videos, the ones that you record from your point of view showcase the experience you are living exactly as you are seeing it, and they are a magnificent way to capture memories, since when you look at them, it appears as if you were living it again, exactly as you did the first time. While there are dedicated cameras with special features that allow you to comfortably record a video from your point of view, you can achieve a similar effect with any camera.


  1. Send postcards to yourself

One very creative way to capture fun moments from your vacations without having to worry about losing a journal or memory jar is to send a postcard to yourself. You can buy several postcards at the airport when you arrive to your destination for a few bucks and just keep them with you. When something worth remembering happens, you write it in the postcard immediately and then send it to your address. There is no better way to relive great moments than to arrive home and have many postcards with your thoughts and experiences waiting for you.


  1. Do live streams of relevant moments

A great way to capture moments from your vacations while sharing them with your friends and families at the same time is to live stream important moments through social networks. You can enhance your experience by feeling that friends accompany you by reading their comments, and you can always download the video afterwards to add to your collection of memories.