5 Interesting Experiences While Jogging


Jogging has so many benefits. With researchers continually experimenting on this activity, the benefits only keep increasing. This aerobic exercise is of medium intensity and helps you lose a lot of calories. It also helps you get rid of so many diseases and helps you build muscles. It is a great exercise for beginners and experts alike and the advantages are so much. Let’s look at some of the experiences that jogging gives us.

  1. Your respiratory system will get better as you run

When you are running, your body muscles are moving. For this, they need to respire ( a process of taking in oxygen and utilising it to break energy sources). So, when you run, the required amount of oxygen increases and your lungs work at full capacity. This might be temporary, but when you run at least thrice a week for a long time, your lungs will normally expand to its full capacity. You will not have any difficulty breathing. The lung cells become more efficient in absorbing oxygen than before. If you want to run longer distances, you might need to improve your stamina. Your breathing techniques might also be a factor in this. If you have just started jogging, you can breathe through your mouth. As your mouth has a bigger area and is capable of sucking in more air, you get more oxygen delivered to your lungs. This is a big advantage, especially when your respiratory system is not ready for exercises.

2. You will start building lean muscles

When you lift heavy weights, your body builds muscles upon the existing muscles and you will look beefed up. This may look good, but the real benefit lies in building lean muscles. Lean muscles are like one set of hard, ripped muscles that build up in your body. This doesn’t mean you will lose strength. In fact, lean muscles give you equally, if not, more strength than bulky muscles. Lean muscles are also good-looking, and you don’t look like a monster with enormous thighs. Along with jogging, you can do other strength training like pull-ups and push-ups. Bulky muscles don’t actually mean you are strong. Lean muscles are a result of extensive training for each part of the muscle, and it can guarantee that you are strong. You will also be flexible, which is an advantage so many bodybuilders dream for.

3. You will experience a disease-free life

One of the many benefits of jogging is that it can prevent and control, if not cure diabetes. Jogging is also an association with relieving hypertension and stress. When you do intensive workouts such as jogging, it activates a mechanism in the body which prevents the build up of LDL in the body. LDL stands for Low-density lipoprotein and is a type of bad cholesterol which can lead to serious diseases. As we just discussed, jogging increases the amount of oxygen that flows through the body. This will help you prevent any cancerous cells from developing. Cancerous cells are cells that do not get enough oxygen to respire, so mutate and have serious effects. It also helps you improve your overall mental fitness.


4. You will lose unnecessary weight

Your body is made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These are essential, in required amounts. When you eat more than what you metabolise, the rest of these particles are stored in your body as fats and sugars. These fats are waste energy cells that keep using up oxygen and is dangerous for your overall health. Extra body weight also hinders the diaphragm from being able to expand fully. This may lead to poor respiration and so many problems. When you jog, there is an energy deficit in the body, that pressurises the body to convert these fats into energy molecules. The more excess fat in your body, the more frequently you have to create these energy deficits.

Pro tip: Find your BMI. The BMI chart will tell you your weight in relative to your height. If your BMI is between 18 and 20, you are perfectly fine. Anything below and you are underweight, anything above and you are overweight.

The BMI chart will also tell you how much weight you have to lose to reach average weight. To lose one kilo of fat, you have to burn 7000 calories.

5. You will build strong bones

Bones strengthen through pressure. When you jog, you are applying pressure on all parts of your legs and somewhat on your spine. This will help you increase you Bone Mineral Density and ultimately build strong bones. This is the case for your legs. You must still engage in strength training to get stronger arm bones and spine.

It’s recommended that you jog at least 30 minutes a day for at least thrice a week. Even when you are walking, talk long strides occasionally, as it can help burn more calories at the same time. Jogging has so many benefits and has stood the test of time even when crazier workouts were trending. Jogging is a very beneficial exercise. You can slowly start jogging and start your weight loss or bodybuilding regimen.