Mother bear leaves cubs to drown, before fishermen make last-ditch effort


Just outside your door, this world is full of natural wonders for us to enjoy and appreciate. Between amazing aquatic features like the Great Barrier Reef to the impressive peaks of Mount Everest, the number of beautiful landscapes available for our viewing pleasure seems endless. Nonetheless, all of these incredible views would certainly seem to lack something if they weren’t also teeming with wildlife. Even though we have fun, domesticated animals like dogs, cats, fish, and even exotic birds, we experience something truly profound when we encounter wild animals in their natural habitat.


  1. Mother Bear

In this thrilling story, we’ll adventure alongside a mother bear and her two cubs as they face the hardships and trials of a freezing Russian environment. One terrible day, they tried to swim across an icy lake, and yet perhaps the task seemed easier than it turned out to be. Soon after entering the inhospitable waters, the mother bear quickly learned to her chagrin that she was a much more advanced swimmer than her two babies.

When she did the unthinkable, everything we know about motherly instincts was turned on its head!