26 Gardening Tricks The Pros Don’t Want You To Know


There are so many reasons why people love gardening. This hobby gives us a chance to soak up some rays, relieve stress, and grow a plethora of gorgeous plants, including beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables.

However, gardening sometimes seems hard to get into for those not already in the know. We’re here to help the budding gardening among us by giving you 26 secrets to growing an amazing, luscious garden.  Now there’s nothing to hold you back from growing those juicy, ripe tomatoes that we all love.

Keep reading to see the 26 gardening tricks that the pros don’t want you to know!


  1. Eggshells as Fertilizer

Even for plants, the saying holds true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Because plants thrive in well-fertilized soil, it’s important to regularly fertilize them. But don’t go buy that bag of fertilizer from the gardening store—use those eggshells that you would otherwise throw away.

This puts much-needed calcium into the soil in addition to repelling pests such as slugs and snails. Save your shells, put them into a bag, smash them up, and put them on top of your soil. You won’t believe how much your plants will love it!