9 Simple Rules To Keeping Fit


Keeping fit is an important element of leading a healthy lifestyle; there are aspects that you should stick to if you want to keep fit and healthy.

  1. Keep your body hydrated

Whether you are staying indoors the whole day or it is a normal workday, keeping your body hydrated has many benefits. While energy drinks and juices are important in increasing your body energy, nothing is compared to pure water. Water increases the flexibility of your muscles and enhances communication between neurons from the brain and all parts of the body. Water detoxifies the bloodstream hence keeping you away from infections.

  1. Control your sweet tooth

To be honest, we all love cakes and chocolate. If possible, we could eat them every time and every day. However, there is a health effect of the sweet intakes. Most of these foods are high in carbs and low in fiber, which not only increases the blood sugar level but also fats in the human body. Fat does not burn out to energy or any other form without fiber in the body; fat makes the body inflexible. You will feel lighter and fit with less of the sweet foods.

  1. Track your weight

After establishing the discipline and consistency in exercising and dieting, it is important to track the progress of your weight. Be sure to step on your weighing scale every morning before taking any food or drink. A regular check of your weight helps in proper choice of what you should concentrate on your diet and what you should drop. A diet technique that worked for your friend may not be effective with your body; monitor your progress to be sure you are on the right track.

  1. Fuel your fitness

While we should not strain our bodies with rigorous exercises, laziness won’t be of any help if you want to keep fit. You have to be disciplined and committed to the exercise sessions and diet programs. Before going out the next morning for a jog or session in the gm, be sure to take breakfast to sustain you for a given period. If you are eating adequately in the morning before your jog, you will last longer. Exercising has to burn fats; if they are not present, it will eat up on muscles thus weakening your body, which will be acting contrary to fitness goals.

  1. Resist peer pressure

Body health and fitness is an individual affair; if you do not share the goals with your colleagues, family, or friends then they can easily derail you from the goal. Social circles are a major hindrance to body fitness; you will often get calls to join the crew for an evening out with drinks and chicken. Going out with friends is not wrong, however, you can easily compromise on your diet because of the influence. Of course, the fried meat and drinks are attractive and you will not resist. This will work against your fitness plan.

  1. Cut on snacks

It is all about discipline; I know it is not easy to restrain yourself in the office at 3 pm when everyone is going to the vending machine. Although it is important to regularly eat and avoid hunger puns, choices of the snacks between meals should be taken with utmost care. Snacks are a negative in a fitness program because of high carbs and sugar, which contradict with the diet and exercise. To avoid picking chocolate bars and cookies with huge calories, carry healthy snacks from home that you will only open at 3 pm.

  1. Find healthy fast food

The word healthy and fast food is an oxymoron because most of the food points are known to sell high carbs and sugary snacks. When you have to rush to work at night and there is no time to prepare for dinner, there is usually no option other than going to an option for a quick bite. It is the worst decision you can make. However, if you are in impossible circumstances spare some time and research on the restaurant’s nutritional facts from an online site before buying from them. It will save you a lot of trouble because high sugar and carbs contradict body health and fitness goals.

  1. Increase fiber intake

Fiber keeps your body energized all day long. In fact, it is the best choice of nutritional content you can make. High fiber intake reduces the chances of running to a restaurant in the middle of the day for a quick bite, which is most likely to unhealthy. Besides, fiber helps the body to burn fat instead of glucose thus keeping you energetic and fit. Fiber also helps in digestion, which is crucial in the supply of necessary vitamins and minerals to all parts of the body. The benefits of fiber in the human body with respect to fitness and health are endless.

  1. Buy comfortable running shoes

After all, is said with regards to diet and exercise, motivation to go and work out is crucial. You should be in love with your shoes if morning jog is to be consistent. Be sure to buy your most preferred brand and size; they should not be too fitting because you will feel uncomfortable and break early. Also, do not let them grow old or wear out.